How it all started

Everything in life has a beginning.
Some beginnings are exciting & some are just pure mistakes.
Wilmette Media was never intended to be a business venture because when I started this company back in 2013 it was meant to be a construction company & as a young entrepreneur hungry for success I soon discovered that the industry I desire to be part of was not as easy as I thought.
So I discovered that every big construction company had a website & I thought I’d be successful in construction if I just get myself a website.
I embarked on a journey to get a website & every single quote I got was extremely expensive for me at the time, so I then decided to learn web design & design the website myself & it was UGLY!!

I loved it though & I made it a mission to learn everything about web design & a bit of coding, after making it look a bit good, people around me started asking who designed the website & I immediately saw a business opportunity & I took it.

6 years later & we are here!
We now work with a lot of different companies & individuals. We now offer more than web design. We are now in a position where we assist businesses to get to the next level.

What I learned from this experience is that you don’t have to have everything figured out, just start & everything will work out as you move along because an entrepreneur’s life is full of a lot of twists & turns, most of which you don’t see coming.
So whatever you want to do, Just do it!

Musa Vukela

Author: Musa Vukela

Hi! I'm Musa, director & founder of Wilmette Media. Thank you for taking time to visit our website, I really hope you have learned a lot from your time here. Feel free to contact me: Email: Instagram: @movetobillions looking forward to hearing from you