Marketing Today

Gone are the days when marketing was only for businesses with big budgets & huge offices! Now a business based in an apartment somewhere can compete for attention almost on the same level as the large business.

It’s no longer 1964 where a newspaper can charge you an arm & a leg for a section on their easily destroyable paper that circulates about 50k times every day.

For a fraction of the cost, our businesses today can run a social media campaign to a specific audience, we don’t need to play guesswork anymore, we can now target an audience using age, gender, location & interests & get a better response.

Make sure your marketing makes perfect sense for what’s happening today. It’s safe to say that I have never bought a newspaper in my life unless my mom sent me to go buy one, and today she doesn’t even touch it. There’s one they send weekly which is free and we store them for when we want to use the fireplace in case we don’t have fire lighters. LOL!

Your audience is on their phone right now as we speak, your job is to simply understand who your audience is and what kind of message do they respond to & begin engaging immediately.

I must emphasise though that people today can recognise a business that is in this thing just for a quick buck, so make sure you are authentic & you’ll immediately appeal to the right audience.

Spending crazy amounts on billboards is also overrated. At most people are stuck in traffic for an hour, the other 20 hours are spent on their mobile device. So to me spending a crazy amount of money on a billboard for a few thousand eyes is not good value for money. The same amount of money spent on running Social Media ads & content creation will have a more significant impact on your business.

Truth is that traditional forms of marketing are not all the way dead, but if they were to be compared to what we have digitally today? I think the digital world has a far much bigger reach. My business can be in a different city even if I’ve never been there myself. To me that’s value.