Why do we do what we do?

Is our “why” worth starting that business? Is our “why” worth going to that job every day?

Does our “why” give us sleepless nights? 

When I got into the business, my “why” was independence. I hated asking for money from my parents so I figured let me start a business that will give me some pocket change while I’m in school. My “why” sadly was the money. Why is that a bad thing? 

Well, I have learned that business is about solving someone else’s problem, then at the end of that, you get paid whatever amount is reasonable for that service.

Often when we do what we do just for the 

money, we lose what makes us people. People live better as a community as opposed to in isolation, we are advanced today because someone thought of an idea to make life better for everyone. 

Smartphones didn’t solve one person’s problem, the idea contributed to how we all connect as a people. 

Money is important, and I’m not suggesting that we do free work, but entertain this idea for a moment. If all our financial needs were taken care of and money was taken off our needs list, would we still do what we do? 

That question helped me change my “why” and instead of chasing money at the expense of my peace, happiness & overall joy in life, I now enjoy seeing people’s 

vision come to life from the work that I do. If I can add value to your journey to “success” then I am happy. 

Our lives should be worth more than securing the bag. Don’t get stuck in traffic for money, rather get stuck in traffic for helping someone out there with a problem they couldn’t have solved by themselves.

Most importantly, enjoy what you do. Things work out differently when you do what you love every single day. 

Don’t allow society to dictate what success is to you. Here at Wilmette Media, we would rather send a client to a different company if we feel like the project won’t bring joy to us. We have broken away from the hustle and bustle of life and business. We take regular breaks to remind 

ourselves of our “why” and that works for us. So we don’t take projects because they pay well, we take projects because we believe we can add value.

What’s your “why”?