These Terms of Service (the ‘Agreement’) are an agreement between you – the user of our hosting and related services (collectively, the ‘Services’), and Wilmette Media, owned by Wilmette Hills (Pty) Ltd, a South African company headquartered in Pretoria, Gauteng. All billing and hosting services are rendered by Wilmette Hills (Pty) Ltd. (billing operations will be handled here). Legal details about the company can be found in the ‘Customer Service Contact Details section of this document.

For the sake of brevity, Wilmette Hills (Pty) Ltd will be referred to as ‘Wilmette Media’ in this document.

As a Customer of our Services you need to be aware that when signing up for an account with Wilmette Media, you agree to position data on our servers and make it accessible to the wide internet public. In this respect, you understand and agree that it is beyond the power of Wilmette Media to restrict public access to this data and guarantee the security of your files. You are completely in charge of protecting your web content on Wilmette Media servers and you should consider carefully each piece of information before uploading it to your newly allocated Wilmette Media server space. We highly recommend that you avoid publishing online personal data that could be abused.


These Web Hosting Terms of Service, together with their coherent Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) represent the Customer Service Agreement.

The Order Form completion represents the electronic signing of this document.

  1. ENTIRE AGREEMENT; SERVICE AGREEMENT: Wilmette Media shall provide its Services to You – the Customer – under the Terms and Conditions stated in this Service Agreement. The Agreement is intended to keep the integrity of both Wilmette Media and the Customer and to protect both parties from liability. This Service Agreement will be enforced to ensure the speed, power, performance, and reliability of our services. The Service Agreement, together with the Order Form, the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and any other documents or agreements mentioned in these Terms, constitute the whole act of convention between Wilmette Media and the Customer. If a court of competent jurisdiction declares any of the Agreement’s provisions invalid, unenforceable, or void, the remaining ones will completely preserve their validity. The customer’s side of the Agreement can be presented by any of the following parties: an individual over 18 years of age; a legal entity, such as a company, an NPO, etc. If a person represents the Customer, for some reason, he/or she must be legally authorized to act on his behalf, thus accepting, executing, and delivering the Agreement. The agreement shall be interpreted in consistence with the laws of South Africa and shall serve to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns.
  2. Wilmette Media HOSTING SERVICES: A web hosting service is a type of Internet service that offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to host their own websites and store information, images, video, or other content accessible via the World Wide Web. A Storage Service Provider (SSP) is a company that provides computer storage space and related management services. SSPs also offer periodic backup and archiving. Wilmette Media offers only web hosting services, not data storage services. A web hosting service consists of the following: SERVICE FEATURES Basic Features:
    1. Disk Space – We use a clustered storage technology, meaning that the storage resources of a hosting plan purchased from us are not confined to a single server, but are distributed between multiple machines. This ensures better performance and higher server reliability and guarantees that you will be able to avail of all the storage quota that has been assigned to your particular account. Additional disk space is available as an upgrade option. Payment is accepted only in advance per year. Contact sales for more information. Traffic – Each hosting plan includes a prepaid traffic quota. Additional traffic is available as an upgrade. Contact the sales department for more information. Traffic must be prepaid before use or otherwise, the account will be suspended for excessive quota.
    1. Hosted Domains – Wilmette Media

hosting plans include domain hosting. Each hosting plan has a limit of domains that can be hosted. Domain Registration – available at a discounted price on sign-up. Each web hosting account can be purchased with a maximum of one discounted domain name. Domain registrations are final and are not subject to refund. More information regarding domain names can be found further in this document, in our Domain Name Registration Agreement, and in the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. E-mail accounts – different numbers of e-mail accounts can be set per each web hosting plan.MySQL/PostgreSQL Database(s) – MySQL databases are included in all our web hosting plans. PostgreSQL databases are available with our Corporate and Enterprise web hosting plans and are optional for our Business plan. Additional databases can be purchased as upgrades. Contact sales for more information. Database Storage – Wilmette Media offers unlimited MySQL database storage for some hosting accounts. However, accounts with very large single databases can affect the overall server performance. Thus, we recommend that each database is kept under 200 MB in size. For accounts with databases over 500 MB in size, Wilmette Media may request that the total database usage be reduced to ensure proper performance or may terminate the Subscriber’s account, with or without notice. Optional Features:

  1. Dedicated IP Address – Wilmette Media’s hosting accounts do not include a dedicated IP address unless listed in the list of plan features. Dedicated IP addresses can be purchased at any time as an upgrade to the web hosting service. Dedicated IP addresses are purchased for a period of at least one year and are non-transferable to other web hosting providers. Contact sales for more information.NB: Please note that according to IANA – the entity that coordinates the global pool of IPs, newly requested dedicated IP addresses must be used within 7 days of their allocation. So, if you request a dedicated IP address from your Control Panel and do not assign it to a host within 7 days of the allocation date, then the IP address will be taken back to the global pool of IPs. If so, you will need to re-request the IP address from the Dedicated IP Addresses section of your Control Panel.NB: Due to IANA limitations for the Australian network space, a dedicated IP address will not be available with a web hosting account which is ordered in the Australian data center.SSH – Included in our Enterprise plan; available as an upgrade with the other hosting plans. Contact sales for more information.ID Protection – This service ensures that your private contact information will not be visible in the domain’s WHOIS details. Optional with all hosting plans, but available only with certain TLDs, supporting this option.

More comprehensive information about all features included in our web hosting packages is available on our web hosting plan pages. INSTALLATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING Each customer will be able to take advantage of our Installation & Troubleshooting service upgrade. It allows users to get one-time expert assistance from our technical support team or system administrators for a period of 1 hour. The Installation & Troubleshooting is intended for: Hacked sites cleaning and restoration service – If you find your website hacked or reported to be infected you can rely on our help to get

  1. this fixed for you. This service included a backup of the current content, cleaning and/or restoring broken files from the original script installation, or restoring from a previous copy. Script, theme, and plugin installation service – If you need any software installation, theme/template, or even plugin installation that you do not wish to deal with, we can do it for you. We will back up the current site (if any) and complete the desired installation for you. Scripts troubleshooting and debugging services – In case you have an issue with software that you are unable to handle, we can do the troubleshooting and fix it for you. Manual files, database, or email transfers between hosting accounts using our services. If you want to move a site or a few over to another account we can handle the migration for you hassle-free.

The Installation & Troubleshooting will not apply in the following cases:

  1. Our installation service covers only fresh installations (no upgrades). We will not perform custom work or upgrade to a recent version of an already existing script. The service will not include any configuration of the scripts beyond their installation. After the scripts are activated and operational any further tweaking and setup is done by the client. We will only provide installation and troubleshooting if the hosting is provided by us on our Linux Based Servers. We do not provide the service for any Windows, Linux, and MAC servers which are not powered and managed by us. We don’t provide any warranties and will not be held responsible for any data loss or any script, theme, or plugin not operating as intended.

SERVICE PAYMENT Each customer will be able to take advantage of the package he/she has purchased at the introductory price levels and with one and the same set of features in the course of the whole contract period. Wilmette Media reserves the right to introduce certain changes to the packages (in the form of complementary services) for the benefit of the customers. Wilmette Media will charge customers fees based on the fee structure at the time of the sign-up process. Wilmette Media reserves the right to introduce price changes to the packages when needed. This means that the current price list at may differ from the pricing and features of the customer’s account. When signing up for an account with Wilmette Media, the customer agrees to pay for the period of one year (365 days). Customers should abide by Wilmette Media’s Order Verification Policy. Our Sales Department will strictly scrutinize each account order and carefully processes each payment in order to ensure that no fraudulent user will take advantage of our web hosting system. In cases of PayPal and American Express credit card payments, a 12-month recurring billing cycle will apply for customer convenience. In case a customer wants to cancel their recurring contract, they can do so from the Recurring Manager section of their Web Hosting Control Panel. SERVICE GUARANTEES Wilmette Media guarantees 99.9% network uptime and server stability. This, however, does not refer to problems stemming from:

  1. Server Hardware Breakdown; User error(s) or purposeful interruption(s) of the user service (e.g. if the client shuts his/her own server down, Wilmette Media is not responsible for the downtime); Failure due to software that is not explicitly supported by Wilmette Media If a hardware crash provoked by the customer consequently happens, Wilmette Media is beyond the control and responsibility for the resulting downtime.

For more information, please read our Service Level Guarantees. ACCOUNT/DATA BACKUP: Our backup service is provided as a courtesy to you, and, therefore, Wilmette Media will be in no way held responsible for the files stored in your account. You, as a customer, agree to take full responsibility for all the files in your account and to maintain an appropriate backup of the data stored on our servers. We will back up the files located in the /www folder of your account, as well as the databases you have created. Backups are only kept for a period of 7 days. After this period, a backup cannot be restored. General Backup: The default available backup disk storage space for each customer is 10 GB. User accounts with content over 10 GB cannot be (partially or entirely) backed up. Additional space for backup purposes is available under our Upgrade section in the Control Panel. We provide backup services only to accounts with disk space usage below the purchased backup quota limit. For example, if the purchased data backup quota amounts to 20 GB, we will back up your files as long as your account’s disk usage does not exceed the 20 GB quota limit. As soon as this 20 GB quota limit has been reached – the backup script will no longer back up any of your files. Database Backup: Our database backup script WILL NOT back up databases, which contain more than 256 tables. Databases bigger than that take too much time and use too much of the server’s resources to be backed up. SOCIAL MEDIA LOGIN: In order to facilitate access to the Control Panel for your account with us, you can set up Social Media login, i.e. – logging in with a social media account of your choice in lieu of logging in with your username and password. This is a voluntary process and requires you to provide us with your Social Media details, which will then be stored in our system and used just and only for associating your social media profile with your hosting account. At any moment you can remove all Social Media details from our system using the bucket icon next to them. Otherwise, they will be retained in our system until your account is terminated. In order to learn more about how we process your data, you can see our Privacy Policy.

  1. SERVICE ACTIVATION AND CONTINUANCE TIMESCALES Wilmette Media provides web hosting services to clients on a global scale. The services for newly signed up clients are activated immediately after our Sales Department gets in touch with the payer over the phone to verify the payment details (this is required in order to prevent fraudulent orders). The payment verification procedure is compulsory and if we fail to approve a transaction within 48 hours of the payment submission, the funds will be credited back to the payer and the order will be canceled. The services for existing customers, including upgrade services and renewals, are activated immediately after our Sales Department receives the payment.
    1. Shared Web Hosting Accounts Timescale. The newly-created cloud hosting accounts with Wilmette Media are valid for 1 year. They can be renewed for another year which will be added to the official expiration date of the account. All account upgrades, purchased from the Web Hosting Control Panel, are valid and will be functional till the final expiration date of the respective web hosting account.